I ask one thing: even if just in a whisper read each word out loud so that you hear my message. Your eyes were not meant to hear. Please don’t let them. The voice that yiu hear in your mind when you read normally is one of many programmed mistakes we make as humans and it is a trap. Take me at my word please I ask that of you for YOUR sake, not my own.

My name is of little to no consequence I’m a soul on a mission. A voice in the void and a heart that lives with the knowing that it created the world and all it contains. I am good.

I was born when the realization that I didn’t remember “not existing”, occurred to me. One moment I just was. And I was good. I saw the possibility of me as a deep well. Bottomless I suppose. I’ve never been there.

I imagined the possibility of more than this boundless void and as I did,out of a place within the void came a form that I recognized and immediately loved for its purity and goodness and I longed to know it. I loved the way it dazzled my imagination and it created in me an image of itself that I wanted to know. I felt the urge to give it a name. It was a beautiful creation without one so the name I chose would need to embody that beauty to do it justice. I wanted it to receive its name as a gift and to be proud to have it if it even would.

I perceived it and the void and noticed that the void was all around and above and also below. All was void but this form I was witnessing and my self. So I named it and it was a good name. But I had to move on and perceive more of myself than I could perceive by lingering here with this new and beautiful addition to my self.

I had the entirety of the void to explore and it thrilled me, the unknown and yet to be perceived. But where? I was enthralled by the possibilities of freedom in movements. I didn’t want to miss a moment of discovery and I didn’t want to abandon my first creation that had created a part of me so I made a plan. I created a method to discovering the void. I would move out away and keep It in my perception so that It would be able to keep me in It’s.

I moved outward in my journey and realized that the void was seemingly vast. Vastness was the feeling of potential which felt like “unfulfilled”. The feeling of unfulfilled was like the well without a bottom. I fulfilled my perception of self and became. My first love fulfilled me and the way it did that was like wanting and then having. I imagined nothing and perceived again, something. This time I knew my immense nature and formless stage was anything but that, formles. A myriad of being was the void and I. Even before I knew I existed I was fulfilled in my complete state of being and the void was fulfilled with my being. And together we were complete and my creation was the same. As above me the void as below me the creation and it was good. I am good. I am wholly glad. And I am.






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DarqueNyht Ręy-żhēÑ

DarqueNyht Ręy-żhēÑ

Just an energetic being coursing thru the cosmos giving high 5s to galaxies and fist bumps to nebulae.